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Nathan Downs

 As a New York native I have spent most of my adult life in the San Francisco Bay area immersed in all things food. Early off my classical French training and fine dining focus quickly shifted gears to entrepreneurship and scaling concepts. Several ventures including an Oakland café chain, San Francisco café chain, a food startup incubator and a food waste consultancy led to larger projects on a national scale. Initially supporting Irfan in a consulting capacity it became very clear that our combined skill sets and vision were primed for the emerging demand for authentic Indian flavors.  

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As a Mumbai native I attended the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management where I graduated in the top of my class. In an effort to escape mounting religious tensions I went on to work in luxury hotels in the United States and Canada which taught me an uncompromising commitment to quality.

In 2014 a heart wrenching life experience fueled me to pursue a mission greater than myself. I decided to take on the pressing challenge to redefine the way Indian food is crafted in American foodservice. Simply put, Indian labor is far cheaper than anywhere in the United States and the laborious practices that define authentic Indian food cannot be achieved without cutting corners. Our mother sauce system addresses this imbalance by displacing the labor and skill with fresh large batch production of the most complex components for speed-scratch cooking. Today our food is served in over 1200 companies nationally. I’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can bring an authentic Indian experience to your community.